A complete line of Dalton Shear Pin (torque limiter) Roller Chain Couplings was developed for applications where horsepower and torque or high or extreme accuracy is desired for torque settings.

The coupling halves are hobbed with a special tooth form and hardened 45 to 50 Rockwell "C". Roller chain couplings, when used correctly, are unsurpassed by any other more expensive coupling. Standard sprockets should not be used for coupling applications.

The Dalton Roller Chain Shear Coupling (RCSPC) has an accurate torque release obtained by precision machining of the shear pin neck diameter and material used. The maximum capacity in inch pounds is up to five times greater than the rated capacity of friction type torque limiters. When loads occur beyond the rated capacity, the pin shears at the neck. A new pin when installed allows operation of the equipment with no damage to any part, mechanical or other wise. The pin must be replaced with a Dalton Shear Pin or equivalent. Maximum capacities range from 738 inch pounds to 66.504 inch pounds. Gear Shear Pin Couplings (GSPC) are available to order. Our engineering department is available for more information or when stock sizes do not suit your needs.

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Modify Configuration

Item #
Item #
Shear Pin Coupling Size
Bore in Shear Pin Coupling Half
Finished Bore Plain Bore
Bore in Shear Pin Coupling Half Size (in)

Available Range: 0.625 to 1.25
Bore St'd Coupling Half
Finished Bore Plain Bore
Bore St'd Coupling Half Size (in)

Available Range: 0.625 to 1.625
A - Overall Length (Inch)
B - Length (Inch)
C - Length (Inch)
D - Width (Inch)
E - Diameter (Inch)
F - Pitch (Inch)
I - Diameter (Inch)
J - Diameter (Inch)