The Dalton "DRC" RIGID COUPLING is designed for speeds up to 3600 RPM. The shaft size determines the coupling to be used. Extreme care for perfect alignment must be exercised.

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Unit of Measure

Help Desk

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Telephone: 1-800-451-4231

Min. Bore

N/A 1/2 Inch

Max. Bore

N/A 1 1/4 Inch

A - Outside Diameter

N/A 3 1/2 Inch

B - Diameter

N/A 2 Inch

C - Length

N/A 3 Inch

D - Width

N/A 1 1/2 Inch

Bolt Size

N/A 5/16-18 1 Inch Long

No. Bolts

N/A 4


N/A 5.0 lbs

Min. Bore No K.W. or S.S. List Price

N/A $144.00

Max. Bore with K.W. or S.S. List Price

N/A $192.00