The Dalton "OSD" is a torque-limiter unit which prevents costly breakdowns when equipment is overloaded, by disengaging when a set maximum load is reached. The unit is re-engaged
Unit of Measure

Help Desk

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Maximum Torque

N/A 35 lbs5 mkp

No. of Springs

N/A 1

Bore Size

N/A 3/4 Inch19.1 mm

A - Flange O.D.

N/A 2 1/4 Inch57 mm

B - O.D. of Bearing and Sprocket Bore

N/A 1 1/4 Inch31.7 mm

C - Thickness of Flange

N/A 3/8 Inch10 mm

D - Minimum Width Between Fibers

N/A 1/16 Inch1.5 mm

D1 - Maximum Width for Sprocket or Pulley

N/A 1/2 Inch13 mm


N/A 7/16 Inch11 mm

E - Overall Length

N/A 2 Inch51 mm

Torrington Bearing No.

N/A B-168

F - Minimum Bore

N/A 3/8 Inch9.6 mm

G - Maximum Bore

N/A 3/4 Inch19 mm


N/A 1 lbs.45 kg

Min. Plain Bore Price

N/A $69.00

List Price

N/A $84.00

For Bore Sizes Not Shown, Add Charge to List Price

N/A $16.00