Turns off power source at pre-set load limit

The Dalton SOS Safety Overload Switch is designed specifi cally to insure against breakdowns in all types of driven machinery by providing automatic shutdown at the precise moment an overload occurs.
The proven reliable SOS Safety Overload Switch reduces downtime and production loss in medium and heavy duty chain driven systems by shutting off power before excessive torque can cause costly damage to mechanical components. One model can accommodate chain drives of %-inch pitch #60 chain to 2-inch pitch #160 chain. A final spring adjust ment screw permits rapid, easy pre-setting for maximum desired load regardless of chain pitch and size.
The Dalton SOS Safety Overload Switch is effective, eco nomical insurance against heavy-duty chain drive overloads in a wide range of applications.

Other procket sizes available. Sensing springs available in various sizes determined by application.
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Dimensions: Overall Height 8", Width 4x4", Length 9"
Weight: SOS #1 9#, SOS#2 17#
Unit of Measure

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A - Length of Base

N/A 9 Inch229 mm

B - Mntg. Hole Spacing-Width

N/A 2-1/4 Inch57 mm

C - Mntg. Hole Spacing-Length

N/A 7-3/4 Inch197 mm

D - Hole Center to Sprocket Face

N/A 1-1/2 Inch38 mm

F - Width of Unit

N/A 4-3/8 Inch111 mm

G - Base to Sprocket Center

N/A 3-13/16 Inch97 mm

I - Mntg. Hole Size

N/A 9/16 Inch14 mm