• The octagon mounting head allows for rough adjustment in any direction. Fine adjustments are achieved by movement of the base using the slots. The position of the mounting head in relation to the slots allows for greater adjusting movement than competitive models.
  • Dalton positioners are made of 60-45-10 ductile iron which insures strength and wear resistance.
  • Mounting of idlers is achieved by using high strength bolts which secure the inner race of Dalton idler bearings to the positioner.
  • Please call for discounts on list prices.
Unit of Measure

Help Desk

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A - Length

N/A 3-13/16 Inch

B - Length

N/A 3-1/2 Inch

C - Height

N/A 5 Inch

D - Width

N/A 2 Inch

E - Pitch

N/A 2-1/8 Inch

F - Width

N/A 1/2 Inch

G - Height

N/A 1-11/16 Inch

H - Pitch

N/A 1-7/8 Inch

I - Pitch

N/A 1-7/8 Inch

J - Pitch

N/A 1/2 Inch

K - Screw

N/A 3/4 Inch

L - Thread

N/A 3/4 Inch

M - Slot Width

N/A 3/8 Inch

N - Slot Width

N/A 3/8 Inch

O - Pitch

N/A 1-5/8 Inch