• A hardened, ground worm drives the centrifugally cast bronze gear for high efficiency and long life
  • Output torque from 918 to 2.868 inch pounds
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • All ratings based on Class 1 Service Factor
  • Cast Iron Gear Also Available
Unit of Measure

Help Desk

N/A For Problems Accessing a CAD Model Please Contact
Telephone: 1-800-451-4231
Email: CustomerService@ThomasNet.com


N/A 10:1

Shaft Arrangement and Rotation

Type ER


N/A 30 lbs

N/A WHEN ORDERING, please furnish our Sales Engineering Department with the following information:
(1) Model Number,
(2) Bronze or Cast Iron Gear,
(3) Ratio,
(4) Type of Shaft Arrangement,
(5) Flange or Foot Mount.

Mounting position of unit for proper location of breather, oil level check and drain plugs. Optional grease fittings may be required for proper lubrication.

For special modifications and recommendations to meet your design, contact Sales Engineer Department. All inquiries will be given immediate attention.