The Dalton OSDC (Overload Safety Device Coupling) provides overload protection through the use of an OSD unit combined with a roller chain coupling half counterbored to fit the OSD flange. Standard double-width roller chain is used to couple the basic OSD unit and the coupling half.

The OSDC can be set with a torque wrench for maximum load desired. The unit functions as a roller chain coupling until an overload occurs, causing the OSDC to disengage. The device is automatically re-engaged when the overload is eliminated.


TORQUE (Foot. Pounds) = (HPx5252)/RPM
HORSEPOWER = (Torque x RPM)/525

In furnishing a coupling half to be used in the "OSDC", care must be taken that a standard cut tooth sprocket is not used. The teeth of the "OSDC" coupling half are cut with a special tooth form to compensate for shaft misalignment.

Important Note:
The "OSDC" overload safety device can be made to suit your application. Send us your blueprints or specifications, for recommendations by our engineering department.
Unit of Measure

Help Desk

N/A For Problems Accessing a CAD Model Please Contact
Telephone: 1-800-451-4231

Maximum Torque

N/A 6 lbs1 mkp

No. of Springs

N/A 1

OSD Half

N/A 1/4 Inch6.4 mm

Coupling Half

N/A 3/8 Inch9.6 mm

Coupling Half No.

N/A 3517A

OSD Sprocket No.

N/A 35A17GC

Coupling Chain No.

N/A D35

For Bore Sizes Not Shown, Add Charge to List Price per Half

N/A $16.00

A - Diameter

N/A 2.390 Inch61 mm

B - Length

N/A 1 5/32 Inch30 mm

C - Length

N/A 1 3/8 Inch35 mm

D - Overall Length

N/A 2 3/8 Inch60 mm

E - Diameter

N/A 1 21/32 Inch42 mm


N/A 2.0 lbs.90 kg