• Transmits up to 2.25 HP at 1750 RPM
  • Ratios: 10:1, 20:1, 40:1, 50:1
  • Mounts directly on driven shaft; case has drilled and tapped holes for fixed mounting
  • Heat treated and groundshafts turn on Timken bearings
  • Bronze worm gear; alloy steel cut worm
  • High alloy gray iron case
  • Clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation
  • Weight: Approx. 22 pounds
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Input Specs

Output Specs

Output Torque

20200 N/A 10:1 QUAD/40 N/A .26hp@100rpm .56hp@200rpm .80hp@300rpm 1.20hp@580rpm 1.45hp@720rpm 1.70hp@870rpm 2.00hp@1150rpm 2.18hp@1450rpm 2.25hp@1750rpm N/A 1638lb-in Torque@10rpm 1764lb-in Torque@20rpm 1680lb-in Torque@30rpm 1304lb-in Torque@58rpm 1268lb-in Torque@72rpm 1231lb-in Torque@87rpm 1095lb-in Torque@115rpm 947lb-in Torque@145rpm 810lb-in Torque@175rpm N/A
20201 N/A 20:1 DOUBLE/40 N/A .21hp@100rpm .31hp@200rpm .45hp@300rpm .72hp@580rpm .83hp@720rpm .91hp@870rpm 1.15hp@1150rpm 1.27hp@1450rpm 1.30hp@1750rpm N/A 2646lb-in Torque@5rpm 1953lb-in Torque@10rpm 1890lb-in Torque@15rpm 1564lb-in Torque@29rpm 1452lb-in Torque@36rpm 1333lb-in Torque@43rpm 1271lb-in Torque@57rpm 1096lb-in Torque@73rpm 941lb-in Torque@87rpm N/A
20202 N/A 40:1 SINGLE/40 N/A .09hp@100rpm .15hp@200rpm .23hp@300rpm .36hp@580rpm .42hp@720rpm .48hp@870rpm .58hp@1150rpm .65hp@1450rpm .68hp@1750rpm N/A 2268lb-in Torque@2.5rpm 1890lb-in Torque@5rpm 1932lb-in Torque@7.5rpm 1620lb-in Torque@14rpm 1470lb-in Torque@18rpm 1374lb-in Torque@22rpm 1260lb-in Torque@29rpm 1137lb-in Torque@36rpm 973lb-in Torque@44rpm N/A
20203 N/A 50:1 SINGLE/50 N/A .08hp@100rpm .12hp@200rpm .18hp@300rpm .28hp@580rpm .34hp@720rpm .39hp@870rpm .45hp@1150rpm .50hp@1450rpm .54hp@1750rpm N/A 2520lb-in Torque@2rpm 1890lb-in Torque@4rpm 1890lb-in Torque@6rpm 1603lb-in Torque@11rpm 1530lb-in Torque@14rpm 1445lb-in Torque@17rpm 1232lb-in Torque@23rpm 1086lb-in Torque@29rpm 972lb-in Torque@35rpm N/A
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