• Transmits up to 6 HP at 1750 RPM
  • Ratios: 8:1, 16:1 and 32:1
  • Mounts directly on driven shaft, case has drilled and tapped holes for fixed mounting
  • Ground shafts turn on Timken roller bearings, roller thrust bearings on both shafts minimize friction
  • Meehanite or equivalent worm gear, alloy steel cut worm
  • Rotation may be clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • High-alloy grey iron case for rugged service
  • Weight: approximately 40 pounds
  • Bronze gear and hardened, ground worm also available
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30309 N/A 8:1 QUAD/32 N/A .90hp@100rpm 1.5hp@200rpm 2.2hp@300rpm 3.3hp@580rpm 3.9hp@720rpm 4.3hp@870rpm 5.1hp@1150rpm 5.6hp@1450rpm 6.0hp@1750rpm N/A 4536lb-in Torque@12.5rpm 3780lb-in Torque@25rpm 3696lb-in Torque@37.5rpm 2867lb-in Torque@72.5rpm 2730lb-in Torque@90rpm 2492lb-in Torque@108.7rpm 2236lb-in Torque@143.7rpm 1945lb-in Torque@181.3rpm 1728lb-in Torque@218.7rpm N/A
30310 N/A 16:1 DOUBLE/32 N/A .5hp@100rpm .8hp@200rpm 1.25hp@300rpm 1.8hp@580rpm 2.2hp@720rpm 2.4hp@870rpm 2.75hp@1150rpm 3.15hp@1450rpm 3.26hp@1750rpm N/A 5080lb-in Torque@6.2rpm 4032lb-in Torque@12.5rpm 4200lb-in Torque@18.75rpm 3132lb-in Torque@36.2rpm 3080lb-in Torque@45rpm 2779lb-in Torque@54.4rpm 2412lb-in Torque@71.8rpm 2190lb-in Torque@90.6rpm 1879lb-in Torque@109.3rpm N/A
30311 N/A 32:1 SINGLE/32 N/A .3hp@100rpm .5hp@200rpm .7hp@300rpm 1.0hp@580rpm 1.2hp@720rpm 1.3hp@870rpm 1.5hp@1150rpm 1.75hp@1450rpm 1.9hp@1750rpm N/A 6096lb-in Torque@3.1rpm 5040lb-in Torque@6.25rpm 4691lb-in Torque@9.4rpm 3480lb-in Torque@18.1rpm 3360lb-in Torque@22.5rpm 3011lb-in Torque@27.2rpm 2632lb-in Torque@35.9rpm 2433lb-in Torque@45.3rpm 2188lb-in Torque@54.7rpm N/A
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